Architecture Competitions
Yearbook 2023

The Yearbook is a great resource for architects and students, as it not only compiles incredible projects, but also details the project's development.
Natalie Perri
Unraveling Architecture


Have you ever wondered what ensured the success of the project? Or maybe you wanted to have a sneak-peek behind its scenes to be able to see what steps led the given design to be chosen over its competitors? Do you want to make sure that your projects are good and there is value behind them? Finally, are you thinking of participating in a competition and you would like to deliver a project that will grab the jury's attention and win recognition? Well, you can find answers to all those questions with this book.

With this publication you can
instantly improve your design game.

Join us in the journey through the Architecture Competitions Yearbook's jubilee edition and gain exclusive access to the attention-grabbing projects of 2023. Learn how awarded designers create their works. Browse through 10 of the most inspiring and interesting architectural competitions in 2023 paired with 3 stories from acclaimed designers. Review the detailed case studies of the winning projects, step by step processes and dive into award winning project boards, useful tips, and first-hand industry know-how. This is the perfect manual to help you master your design process.

Get ready to become a Better Architect!

This book is perfect for you if you want to know:

What’s the secret behind
awarded submissions?
How to create an innovative solution to the given problem?
How to make your
presentation board stand out?
How to grab the attention
of a jury panel?
How to empower your
design process?
What makes a good project?

Take a look

Architecture Yearbook example
Architecture Yearbook example

Interested? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside

On over 220 pages you will find:

  • Three articles featuring architects from renowned studios, including Gensler, MVRDV, and Zaha Hadid, where they share their project stories and craftsmanship, elucidating the factors that contribute to their projects winning international awards.
  • 10 of the most interesting architectural competitions of 2023
  • 10 detailed case studies of the winning projects, where authors share the whole process of designing, with unique tips to implement in your projects
  • Over 30 awarded projects – complete project boards with author’s descriptions to better understand the idea behind them
  • Tons of inspirations and advise on how to take your design to the next level

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What people say

In the world of architecture, creating unique and compelling drawings is a constant struggle. That’s why finding inspiration is crucial. While platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram are useful sources, the Competitions Architecture Yearbook is a must have for architects and designers. The Yearbook focuses on competition-winning projects and is packed with competition-winning drawings. But what I like most about this magazine is that it aims to explain exactly how and why their projects were successful. There are detailed accounts from top architects and designers describing their design process, mistakes they made and challenges they overcame. So, the Yearbook is not just a great source of inspiration to help architects to create compelling competition-winning drawings, but also a useful educational tool for all architects and designers.

Thomas Rowntree
instagram: @tomrowstudios

As an architect whenever you start a new design project you need inspiration and references. And yes - the main source is Pinterest, Behance and all of these other sites… Competitions Architecture Yearbook is a go-to magazine for architects and designers. What I love about this magazine, it’s that it’s focused on competition winning projects. Learn how top architects and designers approach their designs, what challenges they faced and how they overcame them. So not only will you get inspired by the stunning design, but you’ll also learn about the process on how they won that competition. Gaining more knowledge about the project in a very educational way. You’re an experienced architect or just starting out, this magazine is a must have in your design tool kit.

instagram: @archi.mado

The Architecture Competitions Yearbook is an innovative publication that responds to the everlasting competition culture inside the architecture realm. It prepares anyone looking to participate in a competition in the best way possible; by giving an inside look into the minds of the architects who won past competitions and answering what we all want to know. How did you come up with that? What software did you use? How long were you working on the project? These answers are gold when you understand how important this kind of insight is to a person going into a competition. Overall it is a book worth having.

Steven Rubio

I love the idea of this book. Basically this whole book is filled with projects that have won various international competitions. It’s of course a visual treat to go through because each of the projects have some fantastic illustrations and concepts. But what I really love about this book is the section “How we won that competition”. After each project there is a dedicated section which explains why this particular entry was able to beat all others. And honestly, this was the kind of guide I used to look for when I was studying.

Rishabh Wadhwa
instagram: @blessedarch



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