Architecture Competitions
Yearbook 2022

The Yearbook is a great resource for architects and students, as it not only compiles incredible projects, but also details the project's development.
Natalie Perri
Unraveling Architecture


Each project you do is important - it’s a step forward, an additional element that makes you a better designer. Even the smallest project can contain a big idea. But how to make sure that your projects are good? How to guarantee that there is value behind them? How to deliver a project that will grab the jury's attention and win recognition? What are the secrets behind winning submissions? Well, you can find all the answers in this book.

The main focus of the 4th edition of ACY is to understand the design process behind all awarded submissions. That’s why we have asked all 10 winners presented in this book a simple question: “What made you win?”. We share stories where they describe the process step by step and give advice that will allow you to understand their ‘secret formula’ better.

With this publication you can
instantly improve your design game.

Learn how awarded designers created their works. Browse through 10 of the most inspiring and interesting architectural competitions in 2022. Review the detailed case studies of the winning projects and dive into award winning project boards, useful tips, and first-hand industry know-how. This is the perfect manual to help you master your design process.

Get ready to become a Better Architect!

This book is perfect for you if you want to know:

What’s the secret behind
awarded submissions?
How to create an innovative solution to the given problem?
How to make your
presentation board stand out?
How to grab the attention
of a jury panel?
How to empower your
design process?
What makes a good project?

Take a look

Architecture Yearbook example
Architecture Yearbook example

Interested? Here’s a sneak peek at what’s inside

On over 230 pages you will find:

  • 3 articles where professionals from renowned studios / BIG, MVRDV, B+H /, share their project stories and their craft, thanks to which their projects win international awards
  • 10 of the most interesting architectural competitions of 2022
  • 11 detailed case studies of the winning projects, where authors share the whole process of designing, with unique tips to implement in your projects
  • Over 30 awarded projects – complete project boards with author’s descriptions to better understand the idea behind them
  • Tons of inspirations and advise on how to take your design
    to the next level

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What people say

The Architecture Competitions Yearbook is an innovative publication that responds to the everlasting competition culture inside the architecture realm. It prepares anyone looking to participate in a competition in the best way possible; by giving an inside look into the minds of the architects who won past competitions and answering what we all want to know. How did you come up with that? What software did you use? How long were you working on the project? These answers are gold when you understand how important this kind of insight is to a person going into a competition. Overall it is a book worth having.

Steven Rubio

The Yearbook is an incredible resource for architects and students, as it not only compiles incredible projects, but also details the project's development. It answers a lot of questions students and young professionals have, providing exclusive advise from experienced professionals along with beautiful visuals, renders, and parti diagrams. You can learn everything about winning competitive competitions to the basics of what makes a “good” project. It's an excellent resource and can really help others understand architectural projects and experience one's line of thought.

Natalie Perri
instagram: @Perri.Arch

The architecture competitions yearbook for 2020 was a great step up from 2019. Introducing the section about “How they won” gives a deeper insight into the projects. It helps other students learn what they did well and what they would have improved if they were to do it again. While going through the book, it provided me with ideas of my own that I applied to my own projects. There was certainly a lot packed in to the book and a lot to take away. I’m keen to see what’s in the 2022 publication and of course, excited to see the winning projects of 2022.

Kyle Sinko

The architecture competitions yearbook is an essential resource in every architectural student’s repertoire. With over 200 pages, 3 interviews, and over 30 awarded projects, this book guides students on their path to becoming successful architects. By sharing the design process of these winning projects, students can understand how to design the “secret formula” – The secret behind awarded submissions. It clears any questions or doubts that students might have about competitions in an inspiring way. Therefore, students are more likely to participate in a competition as they believe it is obtainable. It also continues to develop with every publication, and one cannot help but wonder what this book might become in the future. So, I cannot recommend this book enough as it provides tremendous value for architects and students worldwide.

Rasha Shrourou



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